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Capri's Legacy

Capri Grotowski was a child of God, loving wife to Steve Grotowski, Mother to 2 great children, a friend and role model through her role as FAU Beach volleyball coach and so much more.

The 1st Annual Capri’s Legacy Beach Bash volleyball tournament was held December 3-4,2022 to honor former FAU Beach Volleyball Head Coach Capri Grotowski.   The 2nd Annual 4's tournament will be held December 2 &3, 2023.

Capri led the Sandy Owls from 2014-2022 and under her guidance they became a nationally ranked team, making their first appearance at the NCAA Championships this past May. They ended the 2022 season with the program’s highest ranking of 8th in the nation. Capri accomplished this without the “Big School” funding that the top programs have access to. While helping her athletes battle it out on the sand she batted her own fight against cancer for 8 years. Shortly after returning home from Nationals, Capri passed away surrounded by her loving family. 

Capri was not only a coach, she was a mentor, a role model and a source of inspiration for all of her student athletes. 

She has left a legacy of strength, determination, resilience and love. It was her wish that her life be honored through continued support of the FAU Beach Volleyball program to help bring it to the next level. 

The Capri’s Legacy Beach Volleyball Tournament will be an annual event to celebrate and honor Capri.

There are multiple ways to become involved through corporate and individual sponsorships, volunteering and promoting this inaugural event. 


Capri Grotowski with her husband, Steve Grotowski & their 2 children.

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